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Wing Stamp Eyeliner

Wing Stamp Eyeliner

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Well, now we've invented a stamp that works for hooded eyes and every eye shape! There’s a solution for quick, easy, and on point wings! All-In-One Wing Stamp Eyeliner Pen with the two-tipped pen. You get your perfect winged stamp on one end, and a felt brush tip liner on the other end
Easy to use and quick-drying, this highly-pigmented liquid eyeliner has a perfectly thin tip to achieve precise results. Its long-lasting smudge-proof formula ensures that your look will hold up on even the longest days.

Imagine looking flawless and fierce, with the bonus of never being late to your social event ever again. Say goodbye to the stressful challenge of getting your flick right. Bid farewell to the uneven, flightless wings.

  • Save time
  • Easy to use
  • Smudge-proof & Waterproof
  • Stay all-day
  • For all eye shapes
  • Silicone stamp, ideal for sensitive skin
  • Easy to Clean


  • Use the stamp tip to create your wing.
  • Use the brush tip to create your baseline across your eye.
  • Use the brush tip again to connect your wing to the rest of your eyeliner.









Product Specification:

Item: Wing Stamp + Eyeliner
Net weight: 15.5g
Size: Small Stamp
Shelf life: 3 years

Package Content: 1 x Eyeliner Pencil 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 174 reviews
Ashley B.

This eyeliner has changed my life. I used to have an existential crisis applying my eyeliner. It would take me no less than 20 minutes every morning. No matter what brand I tried, how much money I spent, the promises regarding longevity, smudge proof, waterproof... always lies.

Forgoing eyeliner has never been an option for me, but I was seriously thinking about ditching it after all these years due to frustration.

I’m getting older. I have crepey eyelids and crows feet now. This eyeliner is very easy to apply and doesn’t tug or bleed. It’s highly smudge resistant, water resistant, and has incredible staying power. The formula is outstanding. The pen and stamp deliver precision results. This product has cut my “get ready” time in half. I can’t express how much I love this product.

Amy F.

This is the best eyeliner I’ve ever had! I am the worst at trying to make winged eyeliner even on both eyes. I tried the 10mm last time and it was just slightly too long for my taste. I got the 8mm this time and it is perfect. I’ve used it every day for a week now and haven’t messed it up once. This stuff also lasts perfectly all day. I had a funeral to attend this past weekend and I still had perfect eyeliner at the end of it despite being an emotional wreck. I hope they make this stuff forever because that’s what I plan on using.

Joy N.
Why I rated 5 stars:

This is one of the few cosmetic products that works exactly as stated. I rarely bother to give reviews, much less 5 star reviews. This product is a notable exception because it works exactly as advertised and the photos of the product accurately depict what you can expect.

My review:

It’s simple to use, looks exactly as photographed, and dries very quickly. It comes off fairly easily with an oil-based makeup remover (I use Paula’s Choice). I’m probably going to go with the smaller size for office wear, though. I’m also not crazy about how opaque this is on my skin. I have really fair skin and this is a stark contrast.

A note to the merchant:

I would really like to purchase this product in other colors! This has a lot of potential, but it seems very basic at this stage. I’ve seen some really fancy and elegant eyeliner techniques that this type of product would be perfect for and I hope to purchase soon.

Sophia C.

I love this product! If you are someone who struggles with ‘wings’, this is the product for you. I tried every trick to making wings there was, the tape trick, the bobby pin trick, spoon trick...etc. None of those techniques worked for me. These stamps work amazing! I finally have winged eyeliner. The eyeliner quality is excellent, so connecting the wings with the included eyeliner pen is easy and the linger is very dramatic and pretty. This product is definitely worth the it!

Laurine Jaz

took a while to arrive but its amazing! it lasts all day long without fading and is very dark. happy with it


Thanks I got it today

Tania Y


Fiona A.

Wow! It is a great product. Nothing like it in the high street.
I was just looking for a waterproof eyeliner as I have teary eyes now and again and most liners can’t cope and run.
Added bonus of the wing stamps at the end of the pen.
I didn’t want to use them at first as I’m ok free hand.
I used the stamp the other day and use it all the time now, doing my eyes every morning is a lot quicker now.
If you’re thinking about buying then do it.
I’ll be purchasing again.

Trice D.

I am a believer!!! I didn’t know which size would suit me best, so I purchased the assorted sizes. My eyes are VERY sensitive, and as I’ve gotten older, they tend to water A LOT, especially when I’m tired. I thought wearing eye makeup was but a memory. I really did not think this would work; this product did not sting my eyes, and stayed on despite yawning, and eyes watering or tears of emotion. From the time I put it on, to the time I remove it it stays put (12+ hrs).

Chanel, Too Faced, Clinique, Thrive, Elf — they ALL melted and/or gave me panda/raccoon eyes. I constantly had to check and clean beneath my eyes, and the corners.
I am in awe and amazed! I do not wear make up to work because of the panda/raccoon eyes; this product changes EVERYTHING!

The only challenge I have is making sure to stamp at the same angle; that may take some practice, but this really does work — the wings/cat eyes is crisp, dark. It stays put until removal! Amazing. Truly amazing product; I pains me, but I am going to throw away my other eyeliners (despite the cost), because they don’t work.
I hope this company does not change the formula because I plan to purchase more!

Emily L.

❤️Ok, even with a stamp making the wing perfectly cute i still can't get them at the same angle, but that's just me. It comes with 1 marker which have the stamp and pen on each end of it. If you mess up putting it on take it off right away cause it does dry semi quickly, then just try again. I will definitely be buying only these from now on. LLOOVVEE. O! if you have small eyes definitely get the small, my eyes are small and a little hooded so it was a little difficult to get it right. But i was going back and forth with getting the small or the big and decided on the small, right choice.