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Pet Retractable Leash

Pet Retractable Leash

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Durable and Safe:  3 meters and 5 meters Retractable Leash are suitable for large heavy dogs. Anti-slip Handle and comfortable grip for long walks. Internal embedded coil spring, made of high-grade material lasts for years.

Reflective and Tangle-free Leash: Reflective leash provides safety when you walk the dog at odd hours. The tangle-free design allows easy and smooth retraction.

Ergonomic Anti-slip Handle: Anti-slip soft handle and strong grip give the dog extreme freedom and an enjoyable walking experience. Need not worry that dog leash will hurt your hand when the dog runs about madly.


Easy roll-on, roll-off, and the lock system with the thumb controls the distance between you and the dog at any time, protects the safety of pets, and other pedestrians.


  • 10/16 feet nylon leash tape
  • Reflective leash
  • Tangle-free retraction
  • Designed for running or intense activity
  • Heavy-duty design for dogs up to 110 lbs
  • Ergonomic anti-slip handle
  • Body made with ABS plastic

Product Specifications:

Type: Leashes
Dog Leash Type: Retractable Leashes, Extending dog leash
Material: Nylon
Applicable breeds: Small Medium Dogs
Colors: Red, Blue, Green
Sizes: 16.5ft / 10ft
Feature: Automatic/Extending/Reflective

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