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Personalized Pet Rhinestone Charm Collar

Personalized Pet Rhinestone Charm Collar

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Give A Gucci Look To Your Babies..! For The Love Of Pets! 

Laser engraving of the Pet’s name with Rhinestones on the collar makes the collar unique and personalized. Engraving on the collar with Rhinestone is pretty clear and does not ruin or fade. It gives the identification of the pet and the owner.

Collar ensures a secure fit, high durability. Easy to use and makes no noise when the pet is eating, drinking, jumping and walking, etc.  A double-layer design with natural sturdy leather makes the collar different from ordinary collars, soft, comfortable, and wear-resistant.

The design of the collar depicts your dog’s charm and uniqueness anywhere. Every collar is hand-made for perfect stitching and craftsmanship. You can adjust the overall size for comfortable wearing depending on the neck size.

  • Personalized laser engraving
  • Double-layer design
  • High durability
  • Choice of the Small, Medium, and Large size
  • Adjustable range
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Rhinestone engraving

We have cleared a few doubts..!

Where can I find the engraving text option?
Once you’ve selected the size and color you’ll enter your pet’s name in the box below before adding the item to the cart.

How do I pick the right size?
You have to measure around your dog’s neck to know its neck size and refer to it to our size table below. 

Size (length * width) - XS 30*1.5CM, S 37*1.5CM, M 42*2.0CM, L 51*2.5CM

Is the collar durable?
Yes, the perfect craftsmanship and stitching impart durability at a high rate.

Is it adjustable?

Yes, the buckles are adjustable.

Product Specifications:

Material: Leather
Pattern: Solid
Feature: Personalized, Rhinestone, Quick Release, Padded
Length: 30.5CM
Width: 1.5 cm

Color: blue, black, white, red, pink
Size (length * width): XS 30*1.5CM, S 37*1.5CM, M 42*2.0CM, L 51*2.5CM

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Customer Reviews

Based on 130 reviews
Nannie Connelly

wonderful product and looks great! The buckle is metal and the stone engraved words are clear and readable! it's a leather collar. nice and sturdy.

Reilly Stokes

Personalized Pet Rhinestone Charm Collar

Ena Murazik

Thank you, the collar is very nice. Very short delivery time. Satisfied.

Flavie Wyman

Personalized Pet Rhinestone Charm Collar

Sonny White

Beautiful strap

Zack Jones

Very nice

Beatrice Hermiston

Personalized Pet Rhinestone Charm Collar

Amara Effertz

Personalized Pet Rhinestone Charm Collar

Jonatan Mertz

Personalized Pet Rhinestone Charm Collar

Maurice Macejkovic

Personalized Pet Rhinestone Charm Collar