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Dog Poop Picking Bag

Dog Poop Picking Bag

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Perishable dog poop bags made of environment friendly non-toxic material. Bio-degradable garbage bag made of high-quality plastic, safe, secure, and earth-friendly.

The poop bags are 0.6 mm thick, sufficient enough to pick the poop. It smoothly detaches from the roll, at the round exit of the dispenser, easily tear-offs at pre-marked points.

A lightweight bone-shaped dispenser, supplied for easily changing the rolls, has a hook that easily opens and detaches from the D-ring of the collar or the leash. 

Supply: Pack with 20 rolls with one dispenser or pack with 42 rolls with two dispensers.


  • Perishable, bio-degradable poop bags
  • Easy to pick the poop
  • 6 mm thick plastic, environment friendly
  • Smoothly detachable from the roll
  • Easier tearing at the marked points
  • Lightweight bone-shaped dispenser
  • Easy to operate hook to connect the dispenser
Product Specifications:

Material: Plastic
Type: Dogs
Item Type: Pet Garbage Bag
Packages: 42 rolls, 20 rolls

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