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2 in 1 Self-Adhesive Magic Eyeliner

2 in 1 Self-Adhesive Magic Eyeliner

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Magic? Like Really? Wondering what Magic does this Eyeliner do?

How different is this from your ordinary eyeliner?

Our Magic Eyeliner Pen is the Best Replacement for lash glue + eyeliner. Yes, it's 2-in-1. It is fast and easy to use and it’s waterproof. Keeps lashes on until you remove them. 100% Safe - Mild and skin-friendly. 

Have you ever became anxious when you were in hurry but you still had to wait for the glue to half dry? Now the ultimate solution for these problems is here! No more waiting, no more hassle! 

💎NO MESS & WATERPROOF & ANTI-SMUDGE - Our magic liner is long-lasting, anti-smudge, and waterproof. You can use it instead of magnetic eyeliner and eyelash glue.

💎EASY TO APPLY - Just put like normal eyeliner, wait for it dry, then put lashes. It is easy to wear eyelashes. No need to be magnetic - need glue!

💎SAVE TIME - Save 2/3 more time than traditional false eyelashes apply and become an expert eyelash artist.

💎NO GLUE NEEDED - It's similar to magnetic eyeliner and lashes, but it’s long-lasting and there are no magnets. If you find magnetic eyelashes are heavy and keep falling off, just try it.


2 Unique Features: 

1. Can be used as eyelash glue.
2. Can also be used as an eyeliner alone.

2 in 1? Great isn't it? Also, awesome-looking with diamond-like stones all over it?

How To Use:

1. Shake the eyeliner a few times before using it, 

2. Draw the eyeliner and promptly after use close the pen cap immediately.

3. Put on false eyelashes before the liquid eyeliner is dry and press gently.

4. Remember to clean the eyelashes in time after each use. 

Got doubts? We have answered a few..!

What color is the eyeliner?

The eyeliner color is Black.

What is the best way to remove the liner?
Just wipe it off, it’s easy. Pro tip: Use coconut oil or makeup remover.

So is it eyeliner or lash glue?
It’s both. You can use it as just eyeliner or glue.

How do you remove the lashes once they have adhered to glue?
You can just peel them off. It’s like a brush on glue but much thinner.


Product Specification:

Item: Self Adhesive Eyeliner
Color classification: silver tube, gold tube
Net content: 1.2g
Shelf life: 3 years

Package Content: 1 x Eyeliner Pencil

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Customer Reviews

Based on 123 reviews
Wilfred Howe

Holy cowwwww this actually sticks!!! I tried to pull it off in the picture and it tugs my lid. This eyeliner is the best!! I hate putting on lash adhesive because you have to wait for it to dry. And when you Misplace your lash you have to yank it off and apply liner and glue but with this omg so easy ! Just apply n stick on. It’s very useful for on the go as well. Someone said this doesn’t stick. I think they bought the wrong one.

Christine B

this is a great alternative to lash adhesive glue... it goes on smooth and straight ... you do have to shake well... works at least 30-50 times... give it a chance ladies just shake the ish out of it lol! its a great product!

Tressie Ferry

This is a wonderful lifhak! I bought magnetic eyelashes and, as many as many, futile with them for several hours: all eyelids in protectors, eyes go down-and they do not want to stay in place. Already wanted to throw out. But after a couple of days I saw this eyeliner, immediately ordered and guessed. The top eyelash lay down from the first time, and the bottom just stuck to it. Right away, girls! And no torment! Be sure to buy this eyeliner. In the meantime, I plan new cilia of different models. Girls, I advise everyone. This thing helps a lot. Well, as the eyeliner in principle is not so bad. Dries quickly of course and slightly cracked, but it is noticeable only on a thick line. Well, it does not flow from water. Washed off micelbright, gentle, but persistent. Good luck! Let our eyes be beautiful and happy!

Madge Carter

Eyeliner chic, apply well and you can draw thin arrows., dries quickly. the wife is very satisfied!! Thanks to the seller, the eyeliner is well closed and well packed!

Katelynn Kirlin

Super cute I love him and it's super waterproof I did the test and if it works

Evans Hilll

2 in 1 Diamond Magic Eyeliner

Daniella Kulas

You 've arrived well. Thanks to the seller

Kendall Hauck

I love it

Christine Feeney

Thin line and hard rod, really liked.

Sheila Leffler

2 in 1 Diamond Magic Eyeliner